Why Should You Spend the Money On a High-Quality Glass Bong?

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Now that cannabis has gone mainstream, we can actually take joy in shopping around and purchasing some cool smoking implements on the market. For some of us who have “grown up” and can consider our bongs investments, nothing beats a high-quality glass bong -- or a collection of them.

For most of us, we can appreciate the advantages of a good bong. It will

  • Produce a cooler, cleaner smoke
  • You get a more intense experience
  • It is convenient and reusable

But, as we know, not all bongs are good bongs. If you’ve spent any time online looking at the options for glass bongs these days, you’ve noticed that there are literally hundreds of branded and unbranded models on the market. Many are good, most are marginal, at best. So, what is the mark of a good quality bong?

Not All Glass is Alike

Especially with a lot of knock-offs and pieces coming out of China, it’s more important than ever to be able to distinguish a good water pipe from a cheaply made one. The highest quality bongs on the market are made of glass. But not all glass is created equal either.

Heat Resistance

Just like anything else we buy today, there can be a huge difference in quality depending on the raw materials that are used. Today’s high-quality bongs use what’s called scientific or borosilicate glass. This glass is made with the addition of boron trioxide which gives it a resistance to high and fluctuating temperatures. This is the same type of glass that’s used in chemical labs around the world.


Durability is something you will get with glass thickness. The thickness of the glass will affect how much it can withstand as well as the weight of the bong itself. Thickness is measured in millimeters and can range from 2mm to 9mm with the heavier pieces being much more durable. The industry standard is somewhere between 3mm and 5mm but truly durable pieces are thicker and have a much better feeling of quality about them.


One of the most important reasons to buy a quality glass bong is the ability to get a cleaner and cooler smoke. The better quality the bong, the better quality your experience.


Seriously, if we’re going to be into quality pieces, it stands to reason that we’re looking at an investment. The best quality bongs are created by skilled glassworking artisans and glassblowers who take a lot of pride in their work and their creations. But your bong doesn’t have to break the bank. You can get quality and functionality at a fairly reasonable price but, conversely, a quality bong will not be a cheap one.

The Serious Smoker

If you are a serious smoker, you probably know all this already. You may even have a collection of well-made quality bongs. If you do, you probably have one of our Tanks in your arsenal. If not, you’ll want to check us out.

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