Helpful Tips for purchasing Glass Pipes

If you’re an individual that prefers to smoke out of a bong or a glass pipe, you probably know that no two types of glass are alike. There are literally hundreds of head shops (offline and online) scattered throughout the greater LA area and southern California, all of whom will tell you that they sell the best products. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. The reality is that you can get scammed if you’re not careful. The following tips could help you find the ideal high-quality glass pipe.

Decide on the type of pipe you want – the first rule of thumb is that not every pipe will fit your needs. Experience always helps when choosing the right pipe whether you prefer a dry pipe or a wet pipe (bong). For instance, consider the selling points. A dry pipe may be easier to use but it won’t smoke as smooth as a water pipe.

High-quality is a must – don’t be fooled by the deal that’s advertised or by what looks like a decent pipe. There are lots of flimsy versions out there, some of which can be very dangerous to use. Thick borosilicate glass works best. The thicker the glass, the better the quality, especially if you’re a bit clumsy. Avoid purchasing anything from China. Their pieces are mass-produced and are typically poor quality. It is best to spend a little more and buy heavy glass pipes and bongs that are made in U.S.

If possible, buy directly from an artist – glass art today is a big cultural trend in the industry. Interestingly enough, many glass artists are consumers as well. So, they understand what smokers want in a glass pipe. Furthermore, many bongs, glass pipes, and rigs are pieces of art and something worth displaying in your home. Granted, pieces that are hand-blown will have a higher price tag, but their quality is far superior to anything mass-produced in Asia.

Pick the best value for the investment – whether you choose to purchase a glass pipe in-person from an artist or your search online for what you want, using the internet is often the best way to find a high-quality pipe at the best price. If you’re purchasing a product online, it’s easy to compare one product across multiple sites in order to find the best deal. Social media platforms are also a great place to search for a quality pipe.

Get the Best Quality

If you’re a veteran smoker, this is probably something you knew already. Who knows? You may have a pretty sweet collection of bongs and glass pipes. If not, check out our website or contact TankGlass directly. Our wide range of glass pipes are varied in design and prices.

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