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Unbreakable Glass Bongs? Seriously?

Since the inception of the first bong decades ago, smokers have been on a never-ending quest for an unbreakable glass bong. As with many other searches for an item that technically cannot exist, there is a great deal of misinformation floating around out there regarding unbreakable glass bongs and water pipes. So, again we ask, are unbreakable glass bongs a fantasy or do they really exist?When you consider that you could drive a heavy vehicle over glass or silicone bongs and shatter them into hundreds of little bits and pieces, the answer would technically be “NO.” Many people tout silicone bongs because they are slightly more durable than some glass bongs and won’t usually be damaged by dropping them. However, despite their durability, silicone bongs will melt when subjected to extremely high temperatures. What to consider when searching for an Unbreakable Glass Bong Finding a durable glass bong isn’t as daunting a task as you might think, provided you do some research and know what to look for. There are a multitude of options that need to be considered before you buy one. When it comes to finding a glass bong that satisfies your needs, here are 3 tips that you should follow: Tip #1: Always buy from a trusted source – it’s unfortunate but not every smoke shop sells the highest quality products. In fact, there are a lot of shady glass sellers and smoke shops online. Be sure the company is reputable and secure before doing business with them if you don’t want to regret buying from them later on.Tip #2: Make sure there’s a warranty – if you want to buy from a company that delivers what they promise, make sure you get a warranty with your purchase. Warranties are a company’s way of endorsing the promises they make about their products and standing by everything they sell.Tip #3: Read online reviews and customer feedback – obviously you’re not going to purchase just any bong out there without doing some research. And by research, we mean online reviews and customer feedback. Remember, it’s all about the positive aspects where brands, products, and customer service are concerned. A Word about Tank Glass The Tank Beaker is without a doubt, the most durable glass bong available on the market today. YouTube features several videos of people attempting to break this bong by dropping it on cement steps or throwing it off of a roof. Amazingly, even the bowl and the downstem don’t get damaged. Unlike glass bongs manufactured in China, this bong will last. For additional information about Tank Glass products, call us today at (323) 364-7952 or e-mail us at
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Debunking the 5 Myths of buying from Online Headshops

If you’re planning on making a purchase at an online headshop in the near future, you’ll be in good company. It’s interesting to note that the market for smoking accessories generates about $10 billion annually in the U.S alone. Unfortunately, there are many consumers who have a difficult time entrusting their business to online retailers. This is primarily due to the 5 myths about purchasing items from an online headshop. Read on as we debunk each one.Chances are, your items will be broken when you receive them – FALSE. Online headshops don’t have huge warehouses where things move around on conveyor belts before getting picked up and packaged for shipping. In fact, the majority of these tasks are done by hand to ensure less breakage and damage. Additionally, each piece is individually wrapped in quality packing supplies so that there is minimum damage even if the package is roughly handled. It’s illegal to purchase items from an online headshop – FALSE. As long as you’re 18 years of age or older, it’s perfectly legal to purchase smoking accessories from an online headshop. Whether it’s a bong, pipe, or vaporizer, you can purchase it without fear of penalty or recrimination. This applies to any smoking device and accessories. As long as you’re of age, there’s nothing to worry about.Online headshops sell black market items or knock-off merchandise – FALSE. If they did, you can safely bet they wouldn’t be in business for very long. It’s a given that world-class brands have to compete with fake goods that are manufactured overseas by “sweatshops” who are proficient at reproducing the real thing. However, legitimate headshops can smell a fake piece of merchandise a mile away.Prices at online headshops are always higher – FALSE. Granted, prices will vary from one headshop to the next because of some exclusive items. However, for all intents and purposes, industry competition creates noticeable price parity or uniformity most of the time. In fact, online pricing is often cheaper because of less overhead, no taxes on square footage, and no monthly leases to pay.Your information won’t be private and secure – FALSE. Although no online site is 100% secure, protecting the customer’s privacy and the security of their personal info is priority #1. Online headshops are PCI/DSS compliant and never retain any credit card information or personal data without the consumer’s consent. Besides that, most shops feel that the less data and files they have to store, the better off they’ll be.Hopefully this has cleared up any doubts you have about shopping for your smoking accessories online. For more information, call Tank Glass today at (323) 364-7952 or e-mail us by clicking here.
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Top 4 Benefits of adding Ice to Your Bong

Are you tired of putting up with all the coughing after taking a good bong rip? Does smoking your bong often leave your throat feeling dry, hot, and irritated? Adding ice to your bong might just the remedy you’ve been searching for. Interestingly enough, people have been experimenting with numerous ways to make bong smoking less harsh and more enjoyable. Despite the fact that the remedy for this has been sitting in people’s refrigerators, many individuals still haven’t caught on to this. So the questions arises – why do people add ice to their bong water? Whether you’re new to smoking from a bong or a seasoned veteran, adding ice to your bong is a great way to enhance your smoking experience. Here are the top 4 reasons why: Adding ice to your bong enables you to take larger rips – most smokers prefer a bigger rip that will keep them stoned for a few hours. By adding ice to your bong, you’ll be able to take cooler hits which in turn enable you to take larger ones. Adding ice to your bong enhances the flavor – in addition to filtering the smoke, you get added flavor by putting ice in your bong. Whether you’re achieving the maximum taste from your weed or you prefer to flavor it yourself, adding ice will enhance your smoking sessions. Adding ice to your bong filters the smoke – did you know there is an ice catcher in your bong. This feature enables you to fill the neck of the bong with ice so you get a cooler smoke. Basically, it’s a cooling filtration system that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, filtered hit. Adding ice to your bong is like adding a splash guard – no matter how often you smoke, the splash back from bong water is not a taste that anyone desires or likes, especially when you’re not expecting it. This is one of the main reasons that people prefer other methods for smoking. Putting ice in a bong creates a splash guard when positioned above the water chamber. The bottom line is that adding ice to your bong will make for a milder, smoother hit. Just put 4 to 6 ice cubes into the neck of your bong and let the ice catcher prevent them from dropping into the water below. While this isn’t a requirement of bong smoking, it sure helps. You’d be glad you tried it on our advice!If you are looking for more information about the variety of bongs or enhancing your smoking experinece, call Tank Glass today at (323)-364-7952 or e-mail us at
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The 5 Advantages of buying Smoking Accessories Online

Most online smoke shops are very proud of their websites as well as their physical storefront locations. Yet while shopping in-person at these physical locations does have its merits, there are several advantages of ordering products through their website as well. The following will give you a better idea of the 5 advantages of purchasing your smoking accessories online.Comparison shopping has never been easier – we’ve all experienced buyer’s remorse at least once in our lives. Probably more than once. We often second-guess what we’ve bought afterwards, especially if it was an expensive item or one that was purchased impulsively. There won’t be any worries about this when shopping online since it’s never been easier to do research and comparison shop the items that you’re interested in.COVID-19 has caused the shift to online shopping – since the onset of the virus over a year ago, most of us have been reluctant to participate in activities or run errands out of fear of exposure. This is one of the primary reasons that buying patterns have shifted towards online shopping. After all, there’s no need to risk your health and well-being if you don’t have to go out.Shopping and shipping is very discreet – even in states where cannabis is legal, many smokers prefer to keep their love of smoking private. Most of these individuals are concerned about their non-smoking family members as well as employers and landlords seeing them shopping at these public locations. If you’re shopping online in the comfort of your own home, the likelihood of being noticed is extremely low as the packages are ordinary looking. Simpler sorting and a wider selection – if you’re worried about breadth of assortment or the lack of variety because of not visiting a retail store, there’s no cause for concern when shopping for your items online. Most online smoke shops offer more products online than their physical locations. Even with hundreds of products, you have the ability to filter out what you’re not interested in when you know what you’re looking for. Usually, more products are stored at the warehouse than the physical store but can be browsed online with ease. Whether on-site or online, we’re always here to help – no matter how you purchase your smoke shop accessories, we’re always here to assist with your needs or answer your questions. We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality products in securely wrapped packaging. Furthermore, should any of our products arrive broken or damaged, you’re covered. Just check out our return policy by clicking here. To learn more, call Tank Glass today at (323) 364-7952 or e-mail us at Our business representatives are available for your assistance.
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Does the Type of Water You put in a Bong really matter?

Two of the most popular cannabis smoking devices that are available on the market today are bongs and water pipes. It’s interesting to note that bongs made their first appearance in the ‘70s but were somewhat primitive compared to today’s bongs that are made out of high-end glass. Furthermore, they feature diffusers and percolators which help to filter the smoke and create cleaner, smoother hits. But have you given any thought to the type of water you use in your bong? The Impact on Your Smoking Experience Most likely, the majority of the smokers out there fill it up with tap water from your bathroom or kitchen sink. However, you need to understand how certain types of water as well as other liquids that you put in your bong can significantly affect the enjoyment and quality of your cannabis smoking experience. Case in point. The cleaner and purer the water is, the better your bong hits will be. Interestingly enough, there are now brands of “all-natural” water that are ideal for cannabis smoking out of a bong. Have you give that a try? Maybe your smoking experience will improve or you can try some different ones to see which suits your taste better. 5 Alternatives to using Water While water is most commonly used in bongs and water pipes, several other alternatives will provide a unique yet enjoyable smoking experience. Consider trying any of these 5 alternatives: Cranberry juice – of all the bong water alternatives, cranberry juice stands out in the spotlight on center stage. As with citrus additives such as lemon or orange peel (see below), cranberry juice keeps your bong cleaner. Hot tea – if you want a surprisingly refreshing taste when smoking, hot tea with lemon, orange, or peach flavoring is amazing. Not only would this provide you with a uniquely new smoking experience, but it also offers a smoother feel. As a suggestion, lemon-infused green tea is a favorite of many smokers. Iced tea – using this instead of water will provide an exhilarating hit. You can add ice cubes for a cooler taste. Just don’t use sugar as this will make cleaning your bong extremely difficult. Lemon or orange peel in water – provides a unique smoking experience with a citrus kick. Plus, the citric acid helps keep your bong clean and the citrus flavoring is a favorite of many smokers. Wine – often considered as the best alternative to water, wine provides an amazing flavor to your smoke, especially since you have choices like reds, whites, or zinfandels. Wine with low alcohol content is preferred. For additional information, call Tank Glass at (323) 364-7952 or send us your questions to
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The Basic Differences Between Hybrid, Indica, And Sativa Strains

For the less experienced smokers out there, you’ve probably wondered about how the hybrid strains, Indica, and Sativa differ from one another. Interestingly enough, each plant’s characteristics and the effects they produce are uniquely different. The point of this content is not so much a guide to helping you understand the different strains of cannabis and how they affect you, but which one is right for you. Understanding the Characteristics Indica and Sativa are very different where their appearance and effects are concerned while hybrid strains, as the name implies are a mixture of the two. Here are some basic differences between the 3 strains:Sativa has more fingers but is tall and skinnyIndica has fewer fingers but the leaves are fatterHybrid strains will mimic the form and shape of the dominant parental strainNow that you have a basic understanding of the physical differences of each strain, you need to learn more about their effects and how those differ. And each strain gives you a unique smoking experience with varying hits and tastes. Sativa Effects You can summarize the THC effects of Sativa with two adjectives – energetic and uplifting. The characteristics of creativity and productivity also apply where this strain is concerned. A boost in Serotonin would also be considered an appropriate description of Sativa’s effects. Sativa is the ideal choice for daytime smoking because it produces the optimal brain high with anti-anxiety qualities. Indica Effects Unlike the effects that Sativa produces, Indica’s THC effects are a direct opposite of Sativa’s in that they are best described using only one word – sedative. Indica is the go-to or preferred nighttime smoke for this reason, especially if you want to relax and unwind. For those of you suffering from chronic or severe pain, nausea, or anxiety, Indica works wonders because of its calming and tranquilizing effects. Hybrid Strain Effects The effects of hybrid strains depend on two factors – quality and type. You just have to figure out whether the dominant parent strain was Indica or Sativa. After determining that, you’ll need to know the quality of the parental strains. Keep in mind that this plays a significant role in determining the THC effects that you feel when smoking a hybrid strain. If it’s an Indica dominant parent, you feel its relaxing effects but will also feel uplifted by the Sativa’s effects. If it’s Sativa dominant, the opposite will be true.To learn more about Hybrid, Indica, and Sativa cannabis strains, e-mail us a message at or call Tank Glass at (323) 364-7952 today. Additionally, we have a range of bongs, pipes and beakers to enhance your smoking pleasure. Call us now!
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Why Do You Get Higher When Smoking With A Bong?

Many individuals have asked this question for years now. Without a doubt, bong hits affect you faster, feel considerably more powerful, and ultimately result in a more intense high than you’d experience with a bowl or pipe. There are several reasons for this but the two primary ones are: Built-in filtration removes the harshness and unpleasant flavors from each hit and results in less interference with your high Cools the smoke down which enables you to take significantly larger hits and avoid coughing which leads to bigger hits and a faster, more intense high Just keep in mind that bigger bongs will produce bigger hits. So, when you consider the fact that bigger hits lead to bigger highs, size really does matter where smoking with a bong is concerned. That is why it helps to use the right sized bongs or beakers. There are plenty of these online that you can buy to get a luxurious smoking experience. How to achieve the most Optimal High Smokers often share a common myth – the longer you hold in your smoke, the more intense your high will be. Nothing could be further from the truth. This won’t get you higher, but it will result in an irritated respiratory system and prevent you from getting the proper amount of oxygen. That high that you may feel after holding in your smoke is most likely dizziness and not an intense buzz. Holding your smoke is unnecessary. Just breathe the smoke in for a couple of seconds. That should be sufficient. Knowing Your Tolerance Level So how many bong hits does it take to get high? Everyone has a tolerance level that’s based on how much and how often you smoke. You shouldn’t worry about whether your tolerance level is high or low as long as you’re aware of how much you need to smoke in order to get high. Regardless of your tolerance level, even the most avid smokers can get high almost immediately from a single bong hit. Remember, every smoker’s tolerance level is different and there’s no perfect amount of hits that will get a person high every time. The bottom line is that smoking cannabis is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. You can experiment with bong hits and find out what is needed to get you high. Smoking from a bong is usually cleaner, cooler, and smoother than smoking through a bowl or pipe. You’ll always have enough time to experiment with your bong and be able to enjoy yourself in the process.For more information about bongs, bowls, pipes, or other smoking accessories, call Tank Glass today at (323) 364-7952 or e-mail us at
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Beaker Bongs Vs. Straight Tube Bongs – Which Is The Better Choice?

If you’re trying to decide on the best smoking design, you’re going to encounter a lot of dissension among those who prefer using a bong. Should it be large or simple and small? Should it be made from some type of scientific glass or made from silicone? Should it have internal percolators or an external ash catcher? Thus, if you want to jump on that bandwagon, is there a topic more basic than bong shape?When it comes down to your basic, relatively easy-to-use water pipe, there are two models that always seem to be at the center of this particular debate – beaker bongs and straight tube bongs. Now, let’s explore how they differ and the benefits of each:Beaker bongs – as the name implies, beaker bongs are shaped like lab beakers with the characteristic flared base that tapers down to a straight tube or “neck.” They were designed with a lower center of gravity to prevent the bong from falling over like many big bongs tend to do. So the first primary benefit of beaker bongs is that they are less prone to tipping over.Another key benefit is their ability to prevent water from splashing up in your face due to how the base narrows into the neck. Finally, because beaker bongs have larger bases, they have the ability to capture a lot of dense smoke. So, you don’t need to buy the biggest bong on the shelf to get a powerful hit.Straight tube bongs – again, as the name implies, this bong is exactly what its name implies, a bong that is shaped like a straight cylinder. If you’re looking for a bong that uses every level as a filter, then a straight tube bong is the way to go. A wide range of percolators can be placed in the tube including everything from honeycomb discs and showerheads to removable downstems and UFO percolators.Interestingly enough, some bong manufacturers have solved the ice melt issue by using condenser coils in place of the neck. They’re filled with glycerin and can be frozen so the smoke travels the cold coil, thereby solving the issue of ice melt. Unfortunately, straight tube ice catchers often cause overflowing of the water chamber and may result in splashbacks or spills.So, what’s the verdict? The jury’s still out on that one. We know that preferences differ base don your smoking requirements and that is why we have a wide range of both beaker bongs and pipes available at our website. However, if you want to learn more about both types of bogs, call Tank Glass today at (323)-364-7952. We’d be glad to assist you.
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3 Benefits of using Dab Rigs

For those of you that aren’t quite up to speed in the smoking culture, “dab rigs” and dabbing” are the relatively newer kids on the block. So what are dabs and what is dabbing you ask? The term refers to an unspecified dose of cannabis concentrates called amber, honeycomb, shatter, or wax that is vaporized and inhaled through temperature-specific devices known as dab rigs, e-rigs, or vaporizers. Dabs are concentrated portions of cannabis that are vaporized through a dab rig. Isn’t that interesting? What are the Components of a Dab Rig? For the first-timer, dab rigs may seem a bit intimidating. However, they are relatively simple in operation and principle. Some dab rigs might include extra parts or fancy accessories that were designed to improve your dabbing experience. But for all intents and purposes, they all have the same essential components which include:Bong or water pipe – this is similar to your standard bong or water pipe and allows the dab vapor to travel through chambers as part of the cooling process before it reaches your lungs.Nail or banger – this is the part that is heated with an electric heating source (torch) and vaporizes the concentrate. Because of the repetitive heating involved, nails or bangers are commonly manufactured out of quartz or titanium.Torch – in most cases, a torch will use butane or propane for heating the dab. The more powerful the torch, the better it will heat things up.You’ll also need a dab tool or small piece of metal to load your concentrate. Now that you know the essential components of a dab rig, let’s move on to the next question. What are the Benefits of Dabbing? You must have seen dab rigs online while you must have browsed for pipes and bongs. If you’re wondering why so many retailers are promoting dab rigs, here are the 3 main benefits of using one:Certain dab rigs have “carb caps” that seal the nail or banger and enables an efficient experience at a lower temperature.Dab rigs pack extraordinary flavor compared to your standard rolled joint. Furthermore, the temperature control enables you to have a smoking experience unlike no other.No matter what size dab rig you use, it’s going to pack a powerful punch that delivers maximum flavor in the process.Although it’s been around for a while now, the popularity of dabbing in recent years has grown exponentially. So, if you’re ready to take your smoking enjoyment to the next level, contact Tank Glass today for more information at (323)-364-7952 or send us a message at We are here for your assistance and can help you choose the best bongs and beakers for your smoking pleasure.

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