3 Benefits of using Dab Rigs

For those of you that aren’t quite up to speed in the smoking culture, “dab rigs” and dabbing” are the relatively newer kids on the block. So what are dabs and what is dabbing you ask? The term refers to an unspecified dose of cannabis concentrates called amber, honeycomb, shatter, or wax that is vaporized and inhaled through temperature-specific devices known as dab rigs, e-rigs, or vaporizers. Dabs are concentrated portions of cannabis that are vaporized through a dab rig. Isn’t that interesting?

What are the Components of a Dab Rig?

For the first-timer, dab rigs may seem a bit intimidating. However, they are relatively simple in operation and principle. Some dab rigs might include extra parts or fancy accessories that were designed to improve your dabbing experience. But for all intents and purposes, they all have the same essential components which include:

Bong or water pipe – this is similar to your standard bong or water pipe and allows the dab vapor to travel through chambers as part of the cooling process before it reaches your lungs.

Nail or banger – this is the part that is heated with an electric heating source (torch) and vaporizes the concentrate. Because of the repetitive heating involved, nails or bangers are commonly manufactured out of quartz or titanium.

Torch – in most cases, a torch will use butane or propane for heating the dab. The more powerful the torch, the better it will heat things up.

You’ll also need a dab tool or small piece of metal to load your concentrate. Now that you know the essential components of a dab rig, let’s move on to the next question.

What are the Benefits of Dabbing?

You must have seen dab rigs online while you must have browsed for pipes and bongs. If you’re wondering why so many retailers are promoting dab rigs, here are the 3 main benefits of using one:

Certain dab rigs have “carb caps” that seal the nail or banger and enables an efficient experience at a lower temperature.

Dab rigs pack extraordinary flavor compared to your standard rolled joint. Furthermore, the temperature control enables you to have a smoking experience unlike no other.

No matter what size dab rig you use, it’s going to pack a powerful punch that delivers maximum flavor in the process.

Although it’s been around for a while now, the popularity of dabbing in recent years has grown exponentially. So, if you’re ready to take your smoking enjoyment to the next level, contact Tank Glass today for more information at (323)-364-7952 or send us a message at support@tankglass.us. We are here for your assistance and can help you choose the best bongs and beakers for your smoking pleasure.

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