A Basic Guide to Pipe Screens

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“Why do I need to use a pipe screen?” is a question most cannabis smokers only ask once. Chances are, once you figure out why you’ll regret ever asking such a question. It goes without saying that nothing feels or tastes as rank as getting a mouthful of burnt ash. Furthermore, it’s a problem that is not only easy to solve, but it’s also a cheap fix as well. And that is why we have here a little background on the use of pipe screens.

Reasons for using Pipe Screens

We mentioned the obvious reason for using a pipe screen in the prior paragraph. From a technical perspective, using a pipe screen isn’t always necessary. In fact, we know of numerous smoking sessions that have gone perfectly fine without using them. If the hole in the pipe is small enough, you probably won’t need one. The problem is that the hole will get plugged up with tar after several uses. However, it is still possible to wind up with some nasty tasting plant matter if you pull too hard.

Using a pipe screen will help to keep the bowl cleaner over time. Additionally, they make it easier to dump out the used content and help keep the tar from building up in the glass as well. So, you won’t be cleaning your pipe as often as you would if you didn’t use a pipe screen. Finally, when using a water-based smoking device such as a bong or bubbler, you don’t have to be as concerned about clean water. The pipe screen does that for you.

What kinds of Pipe Screens are available?

Some individuals make pipe screens the old school way with a piece of tin foil and poking holes in it with a toothpick. But then again, this isn’t the healthiest way to enjoy your cannabis either. There are 4 different types of pipe screens as follows:

Built-in screens – if you’re not concerned about disposability, built-in screens are a great choice, many of which are simple and single-walled in design

Circular mesh screens – the most basic and popular type

Glass screens – these are the ideal alternative if you prefer a screen that can be reused and shined up once in a while

Rimmed circular mesh screens – perfect for using in stone pipes

Thus, there you have it. Whether you’re okay with using circular mesh pipe screens or you prefer something less labor intensive such as a built-in pipe screen, you have plenty of options to consider. With a plethora of bongs, beakers and pipes available at our website, you’d be spoilt for choice. To learn more about pipe screens, contact Tank Glass today at (323)-364-7952.

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