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5 Most important Reasons for Cleaning a Bong

Besides its unsightly look, accumulated bong residue poses a significant threat for smokers. It is true that significant amounts of residue build-up may cause a fire when covering the carb and potentially burn your mouth and fingers. If you watch what you’re doing, you can prevent this from happening. Here are the 5 most important reasons to clean your bong on a regular basis.Bong appearance matters – if you’re a smoker, you understand and respect how smokers have a relationship with their favorite smoking device. For many, it’s love at first sight while for others, it may take a few good smoking sessions to understand the idea. Keeping your bong clean enables you to appreciate the glass artistry. Although it can be a bit challenging to find the right bong, eventually you’ll realize what a magnificent piece of artwork that it is.Cleaning your bong helps to maintain good hygiene – the “puff and pass” mentality is a key component of the group smoking experience and has been this way throughout the history of the device. Unfortunately, germs will invariably cling to the bong and get passed around with it. There’s nothing wrong with the concept of sharing, provided you keep the bong cleaned on a regular basis.Cleaning your bong means less ash and a better taste – more importantly, less ash means fewer carcinogens. Not only does cleaning your bong prevent contagion, it prevents or decreases carcinogens. Regular cleanings mean healthier smoking sessions. Furthermore, eliminating the ash helps to improve the flavor of your smoke. There’s no point in tasting ash when you can enjoy herbs that taste the way they’re supposed to.Cleaning your bong means less residue build-up – and fewer residues means a much more enjoyable smoking experience. It’s just that simple. When there is less ash to contend with, the smoke moves about freely and smoothly. If you use a glass pipe, you’ll have a much better smoking experience than you would with one that is clogged with ash.Consider purchasing an ash catcher to prevent the ash problem from getting out of hand. Additionally, it’s a good idea to use a cleaning solution of rubbing alcohol and salt mixed with hot water. Letting this sit in the water chamber for several minutes will loosen even the toughest residue, so cleaning won’t require an undue amount of effort. It is important to clean the bongs regularly so that you have clean smoke all the time. To learn more about the availability of bongs or other products, call Tank Glass at (323) 364-7952 today. Or if you prefer to e-mail us with your comments or questions, click here.
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Debunking the 5 Myths of buying from Online Headshops

If you’re planning on making a purchase at an online headshop in the near future, you’ll be in good company. It’s interesting to note that the market for smoking accessories generates about $10 billion annually in the U.S alone. Unfortunately, there are many consumers who have a difficult time entrusting their business to online retailers. This is primarily due to the 5 myths about purchasing items from an online headshop. Read on as we debunk each one.Chances are, your items will be broken when you receive them – FALSE. Online headshops don’t have huge warehouses where things move around on conveyor belts before getting picked up and packaged for shipping. In fact, the majority of these tasks are done by hand to ensure less breakage and damage. Additionally, each piece is individually wrapped in quality packing supplies so that there is minimum damage even if the package is roughly handled. It’s illegal to purchase items from an online headshop – FALSE. As long as you’re 18 years of age or older, it’s perfectly legal to purchase smoking accessories from an online headshop. Whether it’s a bong, pipe, or vaporizer, you can purchase it without fear of penalty or recrimination. This applies to any smoking device and accessories. As long as you’re of age, there’s nothing to worry about.Online headshops sell black market items or knock-off merchandise – FALSE. If they did, you can safely bet they wouldn’t be in business for very long. It’s a given that world-class brands have to compete with fake goods that are manufactured overseas by “sweatshops” who are proficient at reproducing the real thing. However, legitimate headshops can smell a fake piece of merchandise a mile away.Prices at online headshops are always higher – FALSE. Granted, prices will vary from one headshop to the next because of some exclusive items. However, for all intents and purposes, industry competition creates noticeable price parity or uniformity most of the time. In fact, online pricing is often cheaper because of less overhead, no taxes on square footage, and no monthly leases to pay.Your information won’t be private and secure – FALSE. Although no online site is 100% secure, protecting the customer’s privacy and the security of their personal info is priority #1. Online headshops are PCI/DSS compliant and never retain any credit card information or personal data without the consumer’s consent. Besides that, most shops feel that the less data and files they have to store, the better off they’ll be.Hopefully this has cleared up any doubts you have about shopping for your smoking accessories online. For more information, call Tank Glass today at (323) 364-7952 or e-mail us by clicking here.
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Does the Type of Water You put in a Bong really matter?

Two of the most popular cannabis smoking devices that are available on the market today are bongs and water pipes. It’s interesting to note that bongs made their first appearance in the ‘70s but were somewhat primitive compared to today’s bongs that are made out of high-end glass. Furthermore, they feature diffusers and percolators which help to filter the smoke and create cleaner, smoother hits. But have you given any thought to the type of water you use in your bong? The Impact on Your Smoking Experience Most likely, the majority of the smokers out there fill it up with tap water from your bathroom or kitchen sink. However, you need to understand how certain types of water as well as other liquids that you put in your bong can significantly affect the enjoyment and quality of your cannabis smoking experience. Case in point. The cleaner and purer the water is, the better your bong hits will be. Interestingly enough, there are now brands of “all-natural” water that are ideal for cannabis smoking out of a bong. Have you give that a try? Maybe your smoking experience will improve or you can try some different ones to see which suits your taste better. 5 Alternatives to using Water While water is most commonly used in bongs and water pipes, several other alternatives will provide a unique yet enjoyable smoking experience. Consider trying any of these 5 alternatives: Cranberry juice – of all the bong water alternatives, cranberry juice stands out in the spotlight on center stage. As with citrus additives such as lemon or orange peel (see below), cranberry juice keeps your bong cleaner. Hot tea – if you want a surprisingly refreshing taste when smoking, hot tea with lemon, orange, or peach flavoring is amazing. Not only would this provide you with a uniquely new smoking experience, but it also offers a smoother feel. As a suggestion, lemon-infused green tea is a favorite of many smokers. Iced tea – using this instead of water will provide an exhilarating hit. You can add ice cubes for a cooler taste. Just don’t use sugar as this will make cleaning your bong extremely difficult. Lemon or orange peel in water – provides a unique smoking experience with a citrus kick. Plus, the citric acid helps keep your bong clean and the citrus flavoring is a favorite of many smokers. Wine – often considered as the best alternative to water, wine provides an amazing flavor to your smoke, especially since you have choices like reds, whites, or zinfandels. Wine with low alcohol content is preferred. For additional information, call Tank Glass at (323) 364-7952 or send us your questions to
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A Basic Guide to Pipe Screens

“Why do I need to use a pipe screen?” is a question most cannabis smokers only ask once. Chances are, once you figure out why you’ll regret ever asking such a question. It goes without saying that nothing feels or tastes as rank as getting a mouthful of burnt ash. Furthermore, it’s a problem that is not only easy to solve, but it’s also a cheap fix as well. And that is why we have here a little background on the use of pipe screens. Reasons for using Pipe Screens We mentioned the obvious reason for using a pipe screen in the prior paragraph. From a technical perspective, using a pipe screen isn’t always necessary. In fact, we know of numerous smoking sessions that have gone perfectly fine without using them. If the hole in the pipe is small enough, you probably won’t need one. The problem is that the hole will get plugged up with tar after several uses. However, it is still possible to wind up with some nasty tasting plant matter if you pull too hard.Using a pipe screen will help to keep the bowl cleaner over time. Additionally, they make it easier to dump out the used content and help keep the tar from building up in the glass as well. So, you won’t be cleaning your pipe as often as you would if you didn’t use a pipe screen. Finally, when using a water-based smoking device such as a bong or bubbler, you don’t have to be as concerned about clean water. The pipe screen does that for you. What kinds of Pipe Screens are available? Some individuals make pipe screens the old school way with a piece of tin foil and poking holes in it with a toothpick. But then again, this isn’t the healthiest way to enjoy your cannabis either. There are 4 different types of pipe screens as follows:Built-in screens – if you’re not concerned about disposability, built-in screens are a great choice, many of which are simple and single-walled in designCircular mesh screens – the most basic and popular typeGlass screens – these are the ideal alternative if you prefer a screen that can be reused and shined up once in a whileRimmed circular mesh screens – perfect for using in stone pipesThus, there you have it. Whether you’re okay with using circular mesh pipe screens or you prefer something less labor intensive such as a built-in pipe screen, you have plenty of options to consider. With a plethora of bongs, beakers and pipes available at our website, you’d be spoilt for choice. To learn more about pipe screens, contact Tank Glass today at (323)-364-7952.
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A brief Guide to understanding Sublingual THC

Sublingual THC is, by far, one of the most effective and efficient ways to enjoy what the cannabis plant provides its users. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many individuals who understand what it is and how it’s used. Granted, this isn’t a word that you commonly here in everyday discussions. However, the reality is that you may have experienced something of a sublingual nature at least once during your lifetime. In order to better explain the term, here’s a brief etymology lesson for you.The term “sublingual” is comprised of two components – “sub” (prefix) and “lingual” (adjective). defines the two terms as follows: “sub – at, to, or from a lower level or position; under” “Lingual – of or relating to the tongue or some tongue-like part” In other words, sublingual means under the tongue. Thus, if you ever held a thermometer under your tongue when a doctor or one of your parents was taking your temperature when you were ill, you’ve done something sublingual in your life. It works the same way with sublingual THC. This is fast acting and you will have higher hits with sub-lingual intake. Two common Forms Sublingual THC is commonly available in two different forms – as a liquid and in solid form as follows: Liquid sublingual THC – commonly referred to as sublingual THC tincture. Tinctures are usually made using alcohol although they can also be made using coconut or olive oil, glycerin, and vinegar. Brandy, Everclear (grain alcohol), or vodka can also be used to make tinctures with a unique flavor. Don’t worry. You only put a couple of drops of sublingual THC tincture under the tongue, so the alcohol won’t have any kind of effect. Solid sublingual THC – the solid form is commonly made using a high THC strain. On the other hand, if you wanted to make a CBD tincture, you would use a high CBD, low THC strain of cannabis. Again, this is all a matter of personal preference. You can try and see if you like that better. The Bottom Line Once you’ve combined the alcohol with the cannabis plant matter, the alcohol dissolves the different chemicals in the plant such as the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. Basically, they’re held in a solution similar to mixing a pitcher full of Kool-Aid. Once you removed the plant matter, all that’s left is the tincture, thereby making it easier to place under the tongue. Interestingly enough, tinctures are not relegated solely to marijuana as any combination of plant matter can be the base for making a tincture.To learn more, visit our website or contact Tank Glass directly by clicking here.
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5 Things to consider when purchasing Your first Bong

Buying your first bong can be a challenging task when you consider all the variables involved such as the assortment of brands currently available on the market today. Other factors that make this a difficult endeavor are the different materials used in the manufacturing process as well as the variety of shapes, sizes, and types that you can find in accessory shops. The following will help when searching for your first bong.Cost – the general rule of thumb where price is concerned is that you don’t have to invest a large sum of money to get a high-quality bong. Granted, you should establish a budget so you don’t overspend. Acrylic bongs will be your most cost-effective option and are the common choice of new smokers. A budget of $90 to $100 will ensure that you get the best value for the investment.Design – you can have a lot of fun choosing the design of your first bong as they can vary from easy-to-use smaller models to something massive with multiple chambers. You’ll probably see some very unique designs that will grab your attention immediately. However, we recommend something simple and not too extravagant for your first bong.Maintenance and upkeep – no matter what bong you choose, maintenance and upkeep are essential to its longevity. Glass bongs are the easiest to take care of while silicone bongs can be run through the dishwasher. On the other hand, ceramic or metal bongs require more maintenance and are more difficult to take care of. Compared to other materials, earlier replacements of these types is very common. Finally, using alcohol wipes and a cotton brush can make cleaning a bong relatively easy.Materials – one of the first things you’ll probably notice when shopping online or visiting your local head shop is that bongs are commonly manufactured from acrylic, glass, or silicone. Although you may think that glass bongs break easily and are too fragile to handle on a regular basis, borosilicate or “scientific glass” as it is often called is considerably stronger and can withstand everyday use as well as abuse.Size – there’s a lot of truth to the saying “size matters”, especially when you’re buying your first bong. So how do you determine the right size? Consider how the size will affect its functionality and its portability. In addition to this, larger bongs have bigger chambers which enable you to take larger, cooler hits. Conversely, smaller bongs have compact chambers which often make for harsher, hotter smoke.At, we have a wide range of bongs, water pipes, glass pipes to suit every requirement. Browse our collection to find the perfect bong for your smoking pleasure. If you need any assistance, please call us.
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4 Helpful Smoking Tips for First-Timers

If you’ve never smoked weed before and are trying it for the first time, congratulations. We think you’ll enjoy your experience. Whether you’ve done any research or not, you probably have some questions such as: How stoned are you going to get? What does it feel like? What will happen after you inhale? To be honest, no two people are alike and neither are their first smoking experiences. However, we can tell you that it affects everyone differently. Some get really high off a few hits while others feel little if any effects at all. Some may even start tripping or get the “munchies.” It just depends on your metabolism. We know that you might have apprehensions about getting it right, so here are 4 helpful tips to consider before lighting up:Drink some water before you begin – since “cottonmouth” is a factor when smoking marijuana, it’s a good idea to have a bottle of water handy so you can keep your mouth moist and stay hydrated in the process. Just smoke a little your first time. There’s no sense jumping into the deep end if you haven’t been swimming there before.Concentrates, edibles, or a plain joint? There are a lot of options available to first-timers such as blunts, bongs, joints, pipes, etc. Keep it simple and start off sharing a joint with someone the first time. Once you’ve gotten used to the effect and have smoked it this way for a while, you can try concentrates or edibles.Music and weed is a natural combination – if you really want to enjoy your first time smoking, your favorite music will definitely compliment your mood once you’re high. This brings up another point. Smoking when you’re stressed isn’t advisable because there’s a good chance you won’t enjoy that first experience. The idea is to enjoy the high by relaxing and music can help you reach that plateau. Thus, if it is your first time, staying relaxed is essential to having a good time. Last, but most importantly, NEVER smoke alone – it’s never a smart idea to try a mind-altering or psychoactive substance by yourself the first time you smoke. Since it’s you’re first time, you have no clue as to how it will affect you. So, make sure that you have someone with you that you know and trust. They can help you stay grounded if you feel overwhelmed or are having a bad experience. Once you’ve had enough experience smoking, you should be alright on your own.For additional advice or to speak with a company representative about our many products, contact Tank Glass by clicking here or visit our website today.
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A Basic Guide to the 3 Types of Bongs

Although the bong has become a common item among smokers today, many novices, if you’ll excuse the term, are unaware that this smoking device can be manufactured from materials other than glass. According to history, the bong is one of the oldest smoking accessories available in the cannabis marketplace today. The reason for their growing popularity is that they prevent those heavier particles from getting into your mouth or worse, your windpipe.Furthermore, you get a much smoother hit every time compared to smoking cannabis in a pipe or rolled in paper. So let’s take a look the 3 types of bongs you should consider having in your accessories collection:Acrylic bongs – every type of material used in the manufacture of bongs has certain advantages over the other. In the case of acrylic bongs, the main advantage of this material is its durability. For instance, if a hit is too harsh and causes you to break into a coughing fit, an acrylic bong won’t shatter if you drop it. Furthermore, acrylic bongs are ideal for traveling because of their durability. The downside is that acrylic tends to affect how your smoke tastes, especially if you don’t clean the bong frequently enough. Over time, the material will hang on to different flavors and smells.Glass bongs – unlike bongs made out of acrylic materials, glass won’t affect the smoke’s flavor and makes for a much cleaner taste. The only thing you will taste is the dry material you’re smoking. Glass bongs are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Additionally, you have a choice of styles such as the beaker type or the standard straight tube models. Although the straight tube variety is easier to clean, they have a smaller base and can be tipped over easier whereas the beaker type is more stable and less prone to tipping.Silicone bongs – these bongs are considerably easier to clean because they are made for the same food-grade material as most cookware which means that nothing sticks to them. Nor do they hold onto flavors or smells so every hit is very clean tasting. Like acrylic bongs, silicone bongs a durable and difficult to break which makes them ideal for taking to parties or traveling. The only reason they’re not as popular as glass bongs is that some styles make silicone bongs look like toys which they clearly aren’t. Plus, the opaque body of a silicone bong makes it impossible to see resin build-up.Browse a wide collection of bongs at our website and select the best one for your smoking need or bong collection. To know more about bongs and water pipes, contact us today.
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Debunking the 5 Vaping and Vaporizer Myths

Although vaping and the use of vaporizers is a relatively new trend, it’s a controversial topic among non-smokers and tobacco smokers alike. Fortunately, that controversy is attributed to a lack of evidence or research and uneducated assumptions about these products. The following is a list of the 5 most common misconceptions or myths about vaping and vaporizers as well as why they aren’t true. Secondhand vape is equally as hazardous as secondhand tobacco smoke – FALSE. Since vaporizers don’t actually burn any product, they release negligible amounts of carcinogens and nicotine into the air. We’ve seen countless studies whose results have shown that secondhand tobacco smoke is harmful. As more of these studies are conducted, you’ll see more evidence proving that secondhand vape is far less harmful than secondhand tobacco smoke. Vaping is a gateway to tobacco smoking – FALSE. Interestingly enough, vaporizers were actually designed and developed to help you quit smoking tobacco. It’s a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. Plus, it doesn’t have the foul odor and negative stigma that is characteristic of smoking tobacco. As a result, many tobacco smokers have turned to vaping in order to quit smoking tobacco and decrease the risk of potentially debilitating future health issues. Vaping is as hazardous to your health as smoking – FALSE. When you smoke, you’re burning tobacco, thereby releasing harmful materials such as ash, smoke, and carcinogens into the air. Conversely, the only thing that passes over the product you’re inhaling is heated air and water vapor. Consequently, you aren’t breathing in all those nasty chemicals that you would be when smoking tobacco. Other than nicotine, e-liquid ingredients don’t harm our bodies. Vaporizer batteries can explode without warning – FALSE provided proper care is taken. Batteries can become dangerous and fry. However, using them properly lowers the risk of them exploding. As with other types of batteries, vaporizer batteries require adequate ventilation because they produce heat when being used or charging. If the vents get blocked, heat and pressure build up and can cause the battery to explode. Vaporizers aren’t regulated by the Federal Government – FALSE. Initially, that was true. However, vape manufacturers and retailers held to much higher standards by the FDA today. Additionally, FDA regulations and the testing conducted in most vape shops ensure the consumer that you are purchasing a safe product. Although poorly conducted research and the rumor mill have created a panic about vaping and vaporizers, the bottom line is that smoking tobacco directly is far more hazardous to your health than vaping or using vaporizers. However, when you use water pipes or glass bongs, the smoke is filtered through and is a more effective way of enjoying your smoke.

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