How does Medical Marijuana differ from Recreational Cannabis?

Most people believe that the difference between medical and recreational strains of cannabis is that one is used to treat certain health conditions or illnesses while the other is used recreationally to get high. However, the actual differences have more to do with the person smoking them than the strain they’re smoking. Whether it’s used for medicinal or recreational purposes, we’ve witnessed a growing popularity in balancing the cannabinoid profiles in question. 6 Ways that Medical Marijuana differs from the Recreational Strains That being said, the following is an outline of the primary differences between medical and recreational cannabis. There are practical distinctions involved when there is a common market for both strains. These include: Accessibility – generally speaking, recreational marijuana is less accessible than its medical counterpart. For instance, more states in the US have legalized the medicinal strains versus the recreational ones. Furthermore, you only need to be 18 years of age to get a prescription for medical marijuana whereas you must be 21 to purchase the recreational varieties. Consumption – one area where we see a very clear distinction between the two strains is the method of consumption. Even though you can smoke cannabis in whichever way you feel best facilitates your needs, those individuals classified as medical cannabis users will most likely use fewer traditional methods. Effects – the higher the concentration of THC, the much stronger the resulting effect will be. For individuals who desire or need regular treatment, recreational cannabis may be inappropriate. Unlike recreational cannabis, the more balanced medicinal strains will not inhibit your ability to live your life in normal fashion. Potency – the medical cannabis that is being produced today is somewhat less potent than the recreational strains. In this case, “potency” isn’t referring to the cannabinoid content. It refers to the THC content. The reality is that the recreational strains typically have a lower concentration of other cannabinoids. Thus, it might be easier to get high when you smoke for pleasure. Quality – in some instances, medical cannabis is a higher quality strain. Whether this means that it was exposed to fewer pesticides, grown more carefully under stricter conditions, or subject to more quality control, the quality of medical cannabis tends to be a higher quality product because of how highly regulated it is. Variety – since the market’s definitions of medical marijuana is limited, so too is the variety of the strains that a user is likely going to find in dispensaries compared to that of the recreational strains. Even then there is a wide variety of options and flavors that you can try. To learn more about the differences between medical and recreational cannabis, call Tank Glass today at (323) 364-7952. Our business representatives are available to help you pick the right bongs.

Why 4-Piece Grinders are the Best Value for the Money

There are several elements that make a dependable, high-quality grinder to be aware of when shopping for one. What is the configuration and size of the teeth? Is it an electric or manual grinder? Does it have additional features such as a clear window or a handle (or both)? How many chambers does it have? These are important aspects that you should be aware of. So, let’s take a look at 2-piece, 3-piece, and 4-piece grinders to help you decide which type is right for you. Say Goodbye to the 2-piece Grinder Many of us still have some of these useless grinders lying around the house. You know the ones we’re talking about – those click-together, pyramid-toothed, saucer-looking ones that we were given in our welcome-to-the-smoking-club packages. Yes, you can use them in a pinch, but they’re more aggravating than what they’re worth unless you need something disposable for camping or a festival. They do only one job and they do it poorly. And that is the reason better designed grinders are in the market now. 3-piece Grinders are Better, but still not the Best The 3-piece grinder features holes that enable the ground material to pass through them. Thus, they do solve the messiness issue. These provide a better way to store your herb and enable you to travel with them. At best, they offer somewhat of a compromise between portability and usability. Plus, they have an easier time breaking down more dense, tougher material. But although it might seem like enough, you can’t maximize your smoking experience the way you can with this next grinder. If you want the best Value for Your Investment, buy a 4-piece Grinder The 4-piece grinder gives you the best bang for your buck, hands down. They feature a bottom layer that is separate from the primary chamber by a mesh screen that ranges from approximately 40 to 100 wire threads per inch. This screen has been designed with a bottom chamber that captures the smaller and more concentrated particulates while at the same time keeping those larger pieces of material out of the way. Those smaller particulates typically get lost in 2-piece and 3-piece grinders.One thing is certain. With certain added features such as clear chambers, embossed designs, see-through windows, or turning levers, grinders are anything but boring. And don’t forget to get one with a magnetic lid so you don’t have any messy accidents. If you are looking to get one now, look online and check the wide range available. To learn more about the different types of grinders, contact Tank Glass at (323)-364-7952 today or send us a message at
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History of bongs

Even though bongs are a very common instrument used to smoke medicinal herbs, the usage of these was not as common many years ago as it is nowadays. However, smoking was, indeed, an important recreational, religious, and shamanic activity of the culture of some of the most powerful civilizations in history. Ancient civilizations and empires like Babylonians and Israelites burned incense as shamanistic and religious adoration, and this was probably what lead the people to different usage of this incense. Incense created using several plants would create powerful hallucinogenic drugs which effect was even stronger if the incense was burned and inhaled closer to their mouth. Therefore, smoking tobacco and cannabis plants became a regular practice all over the world, with different purposes of course. While in some places smoking was a recreational activity, in some other places, scholars discovered the many medicinal benefits they could extract from smoking some special herbs, for example, cannabis. As time passed, people invented instruments that could facilitate smoking medicinal herbs, what we call bongs. The evolution of bongs and their usage Bongs were first made of tough materials such as gold or some other hard metals because the benefits of using glass as the main material were not known by then. Since the beginning, bongs’ structure was pretty similar, with a bowl and a slide, but the quality of the smoke and the level of oxygen that the first bubblers used to allow were nothing like today’s ones. With the usage of advanced glassblowing technics and physics, modern artists who work creating excellent bongs have achieved an optimal appearance and perfect functioning. Nowadays’s bongs have a modern look and top glass materials that will work perfectly and also be better for your health. In case that you are looking for an excellent bong that will work correctly and is only crafted with the finest materials, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. How to identify a good bong What can be classified as a good bong? A good bong should adjust to your needs and fit in your everyday tasks. You need to check characteristics such as its size because it does affect seriously the volume of smoke and fresh air that flows in and out of the water pipe. Small bongs, less smoke; big bongs, more smoke inhalation. The material of a bong is also a very important factor to take into count before buying an excellent bong. Resistant glass or acrylics are usually the most profitable but also endurable materials. You should take into count that bongs are not cheap, so, buying a glass bong that will crack if it falls is not a smart option. What you need is a firm and hard glass that will not be pulverized easily with some hits and therefore wasting your money, and you can count on us, Tank Glass, to provide you the finest piece of artwork to smoke cannabis. Our bongs are resistant and endure extern agents that could easily destroy other bubblers, contact us and enjoy bubblers that will last a lifetime.

Healthy Friend or Risky Foe?

Smoking marijuana has increasingly stirred up disputes in our society because of the spread of misinformation, leading the population to riot in the streets advocating for its legal use. Little do people know that some things that might be frown upon could somehow be beneficial or pleasant to others. The problem crops up when we’re unable to tell apart what can aid us or adversely affect our body. For decades, it has been widely recognized that smoking progressively damages your lung tissues. At first glance, this might come across as a life-threatening substance that when consumed, it causes irreparable damages, but this not exactly like that. Cannabis, like many other plants, has properties that have been utilized by humans for a wide range of purposes, but the problem stems from the overuse thereof. Like any other product, whether it is chemical-based or naturally-grown, it might pose risks if it is consumed indiscriminately. What is of the utmost importance is to be fully aware when something is harmful to you — that’s called being responsible of your own body. What you should know about cannabis Cannabis might be deemed as another must-ban drug; however, experts in the scientific field might contradict the typical widespread biased anti-marijuana arguments. It turns out that the medical cannabis industry in the United States is expected to reach USD 55.8 billion in 2025, whereas in Latin America Colombia has become the leading growth sector. The growing industry of cannabis has made other countries across Latin American jump on the bandwagon, such as Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, and Ecuador. In Colombia Cannabis is mainly used to treat chronic pain. It can also be used to tackle issues like depression, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, cancer cells, and more. In the United States, medical marijuana is legal in at least 33 states. By contrast, recreational marijuana is allowed in fewer states. If one wishes to opt for medical marijuana, the person needs to get a written prescription from the state they come from. Of course, it has to be one where marijuana has not been prohibited. Unfortunately, some doctors might have second thoughts about prescribing you a dose of such a thing, which means there’s a possibility that they rethink what’s best for you. Current laws and knowledge of the usage of cannabis In the United States, there are qualifying conditions in every single state where marijuana has been permitted for the public use. If such conditions are not met, it is almost certain you won’t get the chance to try it. Studies have proved that marijuana can be of good use. That’s why it is always important to check reliable sources of information so that you can see the other side of the coin. Keeping in mind the upsides and downsides of every single piece of food or substance that you’re going to consume will enable you to make up your mind and choose what’s best for you. Of course, being aware of your limits is something you need to have clear in life. Otherwise, it could lead to some serious problems in the future that you might regret later on. If you need to use cannabis for medicinal purposes you should buy a bong. Bongs are considered the most efficient way to smoke marijuana, especially if this instrument if made with good materials. In Tank Glass, we are fully committed with distributing the best bubblers for those cannabis enthusiasts, contact us and buy the perfect bong.
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New Cannabis Legislation in California

Here in California, our legislature closed out the week with some improvements to reforms in marijuana taxes and expanding the industry’s access to banking. Once they make it to the governor’s desk, they are now set to shape the marijuana industry further into the future. Industry advocates have been looking to 2020 as a transformative year with regard to marijuana legislation but then COVID-19 happened. But the silver lining there was that local regulators decided that the industry was essential which allowed dispensaries to stay open even amid shutdowns in some areas. Senate Bill 67 Other news was Senate Bill 67 which will allow growers and producers to designate the region where the marijuana is grown, much like our wine industry. This is significant to ensure against false and misleading labeling and advertising. Under this bill, marijuana must be grown in the geographically designated area that it is using in its advertising. Growers feel this will help them preserve the integrity of their product, especially those who grow craft products relying on the soil and topography of a particular area. Possible Tax Relief Since marijuana was first legalized, California taxes concerning the industry have been some of the highest in the nation. While reforms to Assembly Bill 1872 aren’t as aggressive as was hoped for, they are still moving in the right direction. This bill serves to freeze any potential tax rate increases on marijuana businesses since they weren’t able to get the small business relief of other industries during COVID. Banking Availability Another issue regarding the cannabis industry is its inability to use banking and traditional financial services because of banks’ federal regulations. This has led some banks to avoid transactions with the industry. While Assembly Bill 1525 won’t do anything to remove federal regulations, it does remove any state penalties against institutions working with marijuana businesses and clients. Meanwhile, federal talks about banking and marijuana have continued with a vote on federal descheduling expected later in the month. This could allow access to banking for the entire industry, if passed. Although passed in the House already last year, the Senate has remained firm. Testing Tweaks Also on the governor’s desk are some measures for product testing changes that would allow growers to submit their unpackaged product for lab testing, making this more affordable to producers. Another measure would require more precise measurement of THC content in edibles while another would allow cannabis testing labs to offer services to law enforcement or prosecutors. CBD Regulations What didn’t make the legislative cut was an effort to regulate hemp-derived CBD in products such as food and supplements. Despite some losses, these measures are indicative of an industry on the verge of normalization. Finally. According to Amy Jenkins, a senior policy director at the California Cannabis Industry Association and active lobbyist, “I think that’s a great testament to everything the industry has been doing to educate the legislature… It’s a testament to how far we’ve come.”We will keep you posted.

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