Is it safe to consume Alcohol or take Prescription Medications when using CBD Oil?

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Due to ever-increasing market demand and use, new CBD oil products are showing up literally everywhere. However, with the increasing numbers of individuals using the oil for various health problems, certain concerns and questions are being brought up. Most people are concerned. One of the more common questions is “Is it safe to consume alcohol or take prescription medications when using CBD oil?”

Is it safe to drink Alcohol when using CBD Oil?

Up to this point, we haven’t seen a lot of research where drinking alcohol and using CBD oil is concerned. However, one smaller study revealed that drinking alcohol when using CBD oil resulted in lower blood-alcohol levels than when someone drinks alcohol by itself. However, the effect that the two together had on the brain was no different than consuming alcohol alone. Therefore, the assumption is that drinking alcohol while using CBD oil will be okay – provided it’s done in moderation. We recommend you always check with a physician or other healthcare professional first. Everyone’s body functions differently and that is why reactions or hits vary too.

How does CBD Oil interact with Prescription Medications?

Your liver breaks down prescription medications and other chemicals. This includes CBD oil. If you are taking prescription medications or supplements, these will be broken down by the liver, meaning the potential for interactions between them exists. CBD oil acts on certain liver enzymes or proteins that help the body break down several different substances. It actually slows down the process so these substances don’t break down as quickly as they normally would.

Therefore, prescription medications and supplements don’t get broken down as fast as what they normally would and can accumulate or “back up” in your system. In some cases, this could potentially lead to harmful side effects. For example, some drugs will inhibit certain enzymes and will slow them down or stop them from breaking down other prescription medications. In most cases, adjusting the amount of CBD oil that you use will correct the issue. If you are not certain about the amount to drink, talk with a health care specialist.

What Prescription Medications interact with CBD Oil?

Knowing what enzymes CBD oil inhibits helps us determine what prescription drugs may interact with it. Thus, what drugs will interact with CBD oil? So far, research has:
shown that it interacts with:

  • Antidepressants
  • Beta Blockers
  • Clobazam (seizure medication)
  • Ibuprofen
  • Prednisone (a steroid)
  • Valporic acid (seizure medication)
  • Warfarin

Additionally, if you’re allergic to cannabinoids or the oils in CBD products, you should consider an alternative or avoid CBD oil altogether. After all, your health is more important.

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